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The world-wide unattended retail market is predicted to reach
$275 Billion in 2020

Unattended Sales Australia

Pty Ltd

ACN 617 928 006

Unattended Sales Australia offers practical retail automation consultancy with the objective of providing effective, achievable options for brick and mortar retailers seeking to level the playing field with on-line stores and other retail competitors.


Our focus is on increasing sales by providing enhanced consumer convenience through transactional efficiency, a 24 hour trading window and flawless product delivery from the right choice of machinery and POS system.


We provide an analysis showing the extent to which implementation of the unattended model will improve returns and which products would achieve the highest cost benefit from being automatically dispensed and available 24 hours.


Objectively the combination of increased sales and the cost reductions that result from the inventory and security controls offered by the unattended model, will enable our clients to compete more profitably than before ! 


  • Opportunity Assessment - will unattended retail work for you ?

  • Concept Suitability / Cost Benefit Analysis - do the practicalities of product size, shape and sales volume warrant the cost of the required equipment and ultimately, project execution ? 

  • Equipment Selection - 

    • ​Brand reputation 

    • After sales support

    • Parts availability

    • Ease of technical implementation

    • POS integration and cashless payment options

    • Availability of on-going technical support once the machinery has been purchased

  • Commissioning and Technical support

  • Reverse Vending - Supporting Containers for Change 

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