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Key objectives in the adoption of the unattended model

  • Eliminate shoplifting - sell as many goods as possible from unattended dispensers 

  • Increase the customer convenience component by providing a quick and easy shopping experience with interactive machinery and easily accessible goods 

  • Automate low value tasks, let machines dispense low value product, let your employees add real value to your business 

  • Capitalise on the ability to run 24/7 without the associated costs

  • Provide the perfect balance between online and bricks and mortar shopping, offering the best of both, without the negatives of postage costs, delivery delays or the chance of getting scammed


Streamlined Operations:

Unattended retail dispensing systems streamline the purchasing process, allowing consumers to access products quickly and efficiently without the need for constant staff supervision.

  •  this not only enhances the shopping experience but also

  •  frees up your staff to focus on other essential tasks

Data-Driven Insights:

Our systems are equipped with realtime reporting capabilities, automatically providing valuable insights into

  •  customer behaviour

  •  popular product trends

  •  inventory management

  •  ordering and restocking information

Customisable Solutions:

Unattended retail dispensing systems can be customised to meet your specific needs

  • Product preferences: Whether it’s high-end products you wish to secure, or low-value                        products that don’t need a salesperson

  • Branding: With a wide range of machine options available, you can tailor the experience to              align with your brand identity and customer demographics

Cost-Effective Investment:

Implementing unattended retail dispensing systems is a far more cost-effective investment in your store's security infrastructure than the hiring of security personnel, implementing complex anti-theft systems and the attendant time component of releasing the products at the time of sale;  These are costly and largely ineffective solutions, which often create further expense should the company decide to prosecute the shoplifter

Scalable, Affordable and Measurable:

Unattended retail dispensing systems provide scalable and affordable options that deliver the most accurate [return/sq.ft] measurable results.

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