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Shoplifting and Retail Theft

Unattended retail dispensing systems re-define loss prevention

Rather than locking goods away in display cabinets, this simple shift in efficiency is all that is required to stop shoplifting and internal retail theft in it’s tracks. By moving the products most susceptible to theft from an open shelf, into an unattended distribution machine, not only are they more conveniently accessible to genuine customers, but they are completely safe from shoplifters.

In conjunction with this change, it is important to provide customers with information about the products that they might otherwise get from picking them up and touching them.

Product samples, practical, easy-to-use mechanisms to measure customers’ shoe and garment sizes, coupled with interactive product information from the dispenser's touch screen [including videos] provide customers with all the decision making information they require to make a purchase

  • without compromising inventory security or

  • the need to engage with staff , whilst

  • easing staff requirements and utilising them where they are more valuable.

Departmental and Clothing Stores

  • The goods in the dispensers are completely secure

  • Customers do not have to queue to pay for the items they have purchased

  • A single staff member can manage the whole department

3 machines shoes & bags.png

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

  • Reduction in Theft: Limit physical access to products, significantly reducing opportunities for shoplifting

  • Inventory Control: These systems provide precise control over inventory, making it easier to track and manage stock levels

  • Enhanced Security: Products are secured behind locked mechanisms, which can only be accessed after payment, protecting profitability

  • Cost Savings: Reduces the cost associated with security personnel and loss prevention measures

Upmarket meat.png

Beauty and Cosmetics

  • Perfect protection for small, easily concealed high value products like Perfume

  • Quick and convenient

  • Interactive screens provide product information in the absence of a consultant

  • The perfect 24 hour opportunity

Best perfumes and cosmetics.png

Convenience Stores

  • Protect those small high-value, easy to conceal items from theft

Razor Blades & USB.jpeg

Electronics Stores

  • Electronics goods are often "pre-researched" purchases so there is no need for sales staff intervention, making these products ideal and extra convenient to sell from unattended dispensers.

  • Unattended dispensing prevents shoplifting and allows your staff to be completely free to interact with customers, give advice, share product knowledge, up-sell and grow your business

Electronics 1.png

Liquor Stores : Tired of being a shoplifting target. Remain profitable and protect your staff from shoplifter abuse

  • Multiple item purchase facilities allow customers to buy several items in one transaction - the beauty is that everything is fully paid for before the goods can be taken from the store.

  • Sell single bottles / cans / stubbies as well as 6 Packs, 4 Packs, Boxed Wine.



  • The perfect opportunity to trade 24 hours and to expand your business to hospitals airports and other relevant sites

  • One staff member can manage a city


Service Stations

  • Running a lean team ?

  • This is a prefect solution to maximise staff efficiency whilst protecting your inventory from theft whilst your staff member is distracted

  • 24 Hour availability that protects your staff

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