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Automated perfume dispensing.


As a relatively high ticket item prone to theft, perfumes are an ideal product to sell from an automated dispensing machine.

Benefits include:

  • Customer convenience and ease of purchase

  • Eliminating shrinkage

  • Sales analysis and inventory reporting

  • Adding HR value by freeing the cosmetic house consultant to develop sales from on-site facials and make up demonstrations, without the need to disrupt the connection with their customer to attend to sales

  • The option of providing Perfume sales after hours

We offer selection advice regarding the equipment best suited to execute automated distribution, based on product shape, size and anticipated sales volume. Brand reputation, after sales support and parts availability as well as ease of technical implementation in respect to POS integration and the availability of on-going technical support once the machinery has been purchased, are the criteria used to provide assessment.

Our understanding of the technical and practical requirements of recommended equipment is supported by cost benefit analysis to ensure profitable project outcomes.


Unattended Sales Australia has no distribution or agency affiliation with any vending or automated dispensing machine manufacturers; Our procurement recommendations are therefore transparent and free of any vested interest . 

Photos of equipment on this website do not imply any affiliation and are posted simply to demonstrate various applications.

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