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Unattended Sales Australia Pty Ltd

Unattended Sales Australia is a start-up dedicated to advancing the unattended retail trend.

The unattended model assists to lower overheads, promotes 24/7 operation, provides inventory control reporting and user convenience, whilst freeing staff to add more value to both the business and their careers.

Entry-level unattended retail employs basic vending machine technology, however the evolved art includes interactive kiosks, automated shops and other smart - card payment enabled distribution equipment, all of which will play a future role in global retail.  Unattended is about consumer convenience, sharpening the competitive pencil and understanding the concept of “frictionless commerce”.


Geoff Sedgwick - Director

   Unattended Sales Australia Pty Ltd offers:
  • Consultancy prior to implementation of the unattended model  
  • Technology integration [such as cashless payment system up-grades for older dispensing equipment]
  • Machinery sourcing and procurement services - no brand or supplier affiliation, simply the "best for purpose" machinery
  • Vending machine rental - exceptional returns for high volume venues
  • Reverse Vending - Sales facilitators for top Norwegian brand
  • Cashless Payment transactional splitting via our proprietary payment platform - effective solutions for rentals / commissions / partnerships / supply arrangements
Industry and Business Experience
38 years of Entrepreneurship across multiple industries
15 Years Vending Industry Experience
Masters Degree in Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship
University of Adelaide 2015

Unattended Sales Australia Pty Ltd is located in Cottesloe Western Australia.                                       

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